Camp Nou

Konferensrummet Comp Nou på Kviberg Park Hotell
Konferensrummet Comp Nou i annan vinkel på Kviberg Park Hotell

With windows towards some of the arena halls Camp Nou captures the scale of the arena and it is also our biggest conference room. In Camp Nou we can serve up to 150 people and seat 120 as a lecture seating. The room suffice for lectures as well as larger business meetings. Choose Camp Nou to be inspired by the surrounding atmosphere and energetic environment that is the arena. In the room you get access to everything necessary to fulfil your meeting or lecture. A withe board, pencils, notepads, projector, high speed internet, speakers with a microphone included is at your disposal when choosing to use Camp Nou.

  • Size – 126 M²
  • Lecture seating – 120 people
  • Group seating – 72 people
  • U-Table Seating – 58 people
  • Boardmeeting – 58 people